Fascia Bodywork

This is not your standard massage. This is therapeutic bodywork that can have a deep effect on your entire body, as well as your emotional and spiritual well-being. It can feel like a deep, internal, rolling stretch. It is intense, but not painful. Gentle, but highly effective. Connective Tissue Massage is the foundation of Structural Integration and works with your musculoskeletal system to move towards aligning postural imbalances. No lotion is used in this modality. Once you experience this modality, you’ll never go back. My clients include triathletes, office managers, body builders, parents, musicians, artists, real estate agents… everyone can benefit from this deeply healing and effective modality. For more info, please see these articles.

First Session: Please arrive 10 minutes early to fill out the proper paperwork. We will do a simple postural analysis and make a plan. Please do not wear any body lotion.

Following Sessions: Please arrive 5 minutes before scheduled start time to discuss your needs and your progress.

In The Session: Please dress down to your first layer: ladies, remain in your bra and underwear - men, please remain in your underwear. To ensure your privacy, I will never enter the room without knocking. During the session, it is best to keep communication open to maintain your utmost comfort and will greatly benefit the effectiveness of the session. I encourage feedback and questions.

The 10 Series

The Structural Integration 10 Series, aka Rolfing, developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, this is a series of ten ninety minute sessions designed to free restrictions and rebalance the structure and function of the body from the sleeve to the core. Please inquire for more info.

Sessions 1-3 addresses the body's superficial "sleeve" to open and balance surface layers of fascia.

Sessions 4-7 address the “core” between the bottom of the pelvis and top of the head.

Sessions 8-10 is the integration of current and future sessions creating supple length and space and ease of movement within the body.

Some individuals may perceive their losing fight with gravity as a sharp pain in their back, others as the unflattering contour of their body, others as constant fatigue, yet others as an unrelentingly threatening environment. Those over forty may call it old age. And yet all these signals may be pointing to a single problem so prominent in their own structure, as well as others, that it has been ignored: they are off balance, they are at war with gravity. - Dr Ida P. Rolf

Craniosacral Massage

At 5 grams of pressure – the weight of a nickel – it’s an advanced light touch modality developed by Osteopath Dr. John Upledger. Cerebral spinal fluid flow nourishes and protects the brain and spinal cord. Craniosacral massage unlocks restrictions held in the body’s soft tissue, opening up the flow of CSF and bolstering the body’s ability to fight disease. The client remains fully clothed and relaxed.

Emergence Process

We store trauma down to the cellular level in our bodies - it can manifest as chronic pain & illness. Emergence allows the body to prioritize what to address.  We all have programming running in our brains. Some of it serves us well, but several programs no longer do when you feel stuck, exhausted, empty, & uninspired. The Emergence Process helps you unfold the perfection that is already within. Get rid of the programs that don’t serve you, optimize the ones that do, & create new programs to take you to the next level of healing.

This is a non-invasive, multi-sensory, therapeutic healing session integrating over 30 body-brain processes from top pioneers in the healing arts. We address the four pillars of health - mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Negative or inflammatory feedback loops are interrupted, offering new "software" to run and greater integration of right-left brain function, breaking old patterns and establishing new, balanced, and healthier whole body-brain systems.

The Emergence Process incorporates sciences and philosophies of kinesiology, EMDR, Traditional Chinese Medicine, electromagnetic fields and frequencies, neurology and neuroplasticity, movement and meridians, epigenetics, nutrition, bioenergetics and more to address physical and mental health problems, repetitive thoughts, emotions, and many other symptomatic elements. The body will reveal what it wants to heal.

More Inspiration!

Swedish, Active Resistance Stretching, Myofascial work, Trigger Point Therapy, Thai, Reflexology - and more YouTube videos than I can count...

I draw on training from multiple modalities to create a customized, relaxing session for each client. Connective Tissue Massage is a foundation to create more space and ease of movement within your body. With your feedback, we work together to ease any pain, but most importantly, find the root cause and release it.

All Sessions

Scheduling: Please email or text me with preferred date & time. I will get back to you quickly.

Payments: All forms of payment accepted, including Venmo or Square Cash. Non credit card options preferred.