Please see PRICING page for price lists. *pricing is subject to change

Confidentiality: therapist does not share information about the session with others.

Crossing The Line: no sexual behavior or intonation will be tolerated. You will leave immediately and be charged for the full session. I reserve the right to refuse clients.


  • 24 hr cancellation policy: client will give 24 hr cancellation notice otherwise client will be billed for entire session.
  • Late Policy: we will begin as soon as you arrive – above all be safe! Client will be billed for entire session. Session will end at scheduled time to allow for next client. A courtesy call or text is appreciated! Please allow proper travel time during high volume traffic.
  • No shows will be billed for the entire session.
  • Emergency for client or therapist: session will be rescheduled based on mutual agreement.

Tipping: Hospitality and service industry standard is 15-20%. Tips are gratefully accepted to help cover rent and commission, utilities, required continuing education, and other out of session duties. It makes a big difference and I thank you!

Releases: Normal responses to relaxation and/or touch that sometimes occur during sessions: tears, laughter, emotional responses, deep sighs, gas, yawning, swallowing, memories, etc. they are completely normal and do not need to be suppressed.

Respect: I will give you the utmost respect regarding your time, modesty, privacy, comfort, and safety.

Business: I will conduct my business above and beyond state requirements with accurate records, proper licensure, and continuing education.

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